Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for the Alen Air apps

The following are a list of frequently asked questions and answers, pertaining to the Alen Air apps for iOS and Android.  Details are subject to change, but please use these as a quick reference to potentially assist with questions. 

Should you need further assistance, please contact Alen support.  


  1. What mobile devices are supported by the Alen Air apps?

    The Alen Air iOS app supports iPhones and iPods running iOS 13.0 and later.

    The Alen Air Android app supports Android phones running Android 10 and later.

    Note: Although the Alen Air app on iOS and/or Android may ‘run’ on a iOS and/or Android tablet, tablets are not yet supported (stay tuned for future updates).

    1. Can I use the same email address and password to login to the Alen Air apps, and

    Yes, if your register with Alen via, or through an Alen Air app, the same email address and password will work on both, and the Alen Air apps.  (Think of these credentials as your ‘Alen ID’.)

    1. When registering, I did not receive and email with my security code?

    Your security code will come via email from the sender “”, with a title “Create Account Verification”.  If you do not see the email, please check the Spam or Junk folder of your email account.  If you need to have the email resent, tap ‘RESEND CODE’ on the ‘Verify your email address’ screen during setup. 

    1. Can I register my Alen products, update my addresses and subscriptions, and look at my order history via the Alen Air app?

    At this time, you will need to access Product Registration, Addresses, Subscriptions, and Order History via  However, these capabilities are being considered for a future release of the Alen Air app.  Please let Alen customer support know if these capabilities are of interest to you for the mobile apps.

    1. Where can I check the version of the Alen Air app I’m running, and the latest updates for his version?

    Tap ‘Menu’ from the bottom tray of the Alen Air app, then tap ‘About app’.  Your will see the version you’re running of the Alen Air app just below the Alen logo (ie. Alen Air v1.0.0).

    From the same ‘About app’ screen, tap ‘Revision History’ to see the version history of the Alen Air app, and the primary content updates with each version.

    1. Why do I need a ‘Location’, and Address assigned to it?

    The reason for the Location and Address is to provide outdoor air quality information, along with your indoor air quality information.  When attempting to understand your environment’s air quality, we have found it necessary to understand both your indoor, and outdoor conditions. 

    Please note: As long as the address assigned is within close proximity to the address of your Alen devices, you will be able to get a good understanding of the outdoor air conditions relative to your indoor air quality, as reported by your Alen devices.

    1. When assigning an address to a ‘Location’, my address was not found?

    The Alen Air apps leverage the Google Maps service for finding geographic addresses.  If your address is not found, you can contact Google support to get your address added to those part of the Google Maps service.  If the address auto detected is slightly different than your exact address, use the black magnifying glass icon to bring up the search field, and type your address in the search field. 

    1. Do I need to specify a Group and Name for every Alen device added?

    Groups are optional, as they simply provide, if desired, and additional layer of organization for your devices.  Locations and device names are required for all devices added.

    Note: Locations, Groups, and Device Names can be anything you choose.  For large deployments, it is recommended you do some pre-planning on how you plan to organize and name your devices.  Just know that you have three levels of hierarchy (Locations, Groups, Device Names) available to you, to organize your devices as you’d like.

    1. Can I move devices from one Location to another?

    No.  If you desire to move an Alen device from one Location to another Location, you will have to ‘remove’ the device, then ‘add’ the device, selecting the desired Location.

    You are able to change the Group, within a Location, an Alen device is assigned to.  You are also able to change the Device Name at any time.

    1. Does removing a Location remove all devices from that Location?

    Yes, if you choose to remove a Location, all devices associated with that Location will be removed from the app.  You will then be required to re-add the devices.  (Note:  Multiple warning messages are displayed if you choose to remove a Location containing Alen devices.)

    1. What Alen devices are supported by the Alen Air app?

    You can currently add the Alen BreatheSmart 75i, 45i, and Alen Air Quality Monitor (AQM) to the Alen Air app.  (Note: The Alen AQM is currently in pre-launch.  Contact Alen customer support for more info.)

    1. What type of wifi network can I connect my Alen devices to?

    The Alen BreatheSmart 75i, 45i, and AQMs only support 2.4 GHz (not 5 GHz) wifi networks.

    There are multiple ways to identify the GHz of your wifi network.  Examples include:

    • Android phone: In the ‘Settings’ app of the phone, tap the name of the WiFi network, and see the ‘Frequency’ value.
    • Mac laptop: Hold down ‘Option’ + ‘Command’ keys, and mouse click on the wifi icon in your top menu bar. Look for the ‘Channel’ value.

    If you have different type of device (ie. Windows, iOS, etc), simply internet search for ways to check the frequency of a WiFi network from your device type.

    Also, if you need to check and/or update the WiFi frequency of your network, consult the documentation of the router and/or network hardware being used, for instruction on how to configure the GHz of your wifi network.

    1. I do not see the ‘SmartLife-XXXX’ hot spot in my WiFi settings, when attempting to add my Alen device?

    The simplest troubleshooting path here is to exit the Alen Air app, go to the Settings app on your phone, and see if a ‘SmartLife-XXXX’ network is available.  If it is, hold down the Auto button on the purifier until the WiFi light starts blinking, let the Wifi light blink for approximately 2 minutes (until it stops blinking), and then try to again add your device.

    There have been identified occasions where the status of the wifi light gets out of sync with the broadcast of the SmartLife-XXXX hotspot.  This should reset things, and allow you to proceed with a successful Alen device add.

    1. I notice when I select ‘SmartLife-XXXX’ when adding a Alen device, ‘No Internet Connection’ and/or ‘Unsecured Network’ is displayed below the ‘SmartLife-XXXX’ network name. Is this a problem?

    This is not a problem, and the expected experience.  When adding a 75i and/or 45i to the Alen Air app, the app is only briefly connecting to the ‘Hot Spot’ being broadcast by the purifier, then setting it up with the WiFi credentials previously provided (as this what is then ultimately used to connect the purifier to the internet).  After which, the ‘SmartLife-XXXX’ Hot Spot should be removed from the available Wifi networks in your Settings app.  The Hot Spot itself, while available, has no internet connection, and requires no password.  Hence, the potential messages for ‘No Internet Connection’ and ‘Unsecured Network’.

    1. I received the ‘Onboarding Failed’ message when attempting to add an Alen device, now what?

    There are a few primary reasons the onboarding may have failed.  Suggested actions as follows:

    • Confirm you are attempting to connect to a 2.4 GHz (not 5 GHz) WiFi network. (See FAQ items above for details.)
    • Confirm the WiFi password you put in for your WiFi network is accurate
    • When attempting to again add an Alen device, confirm you are able to select ‘SmartLife-XXXX’ as the temporary WiFi network. (See FAQ items above for details)
    1. Why is the color of the color ring in the Alen Air app sometimes different than the color ring on my purifier?

    The color of the color ring in the app is based on the ‘real time’ value of the PM2.5 sensor in the purifier.  The color of the color ring on the purifier is also based on the value of the PM2.5 sensor in the purifier, but the purifier has built in logic to delay (range being 5 seconds to 5 minutes) the color change of the ring on the purifier (so as not to see a potentially constantly changing color ring on the purifier).

    A table of the ranges of PM2.5 values the result in different colors of the color ring can be found in the Alen Air app, if selecting ‘AQ History’ when looking at an individual purifier, and then taping the ‘Info’ button at the top of the graph.

    Also, if you have a concern about the color ring color on a purifier (ie. orange, red, purple, it is recommended you check the app for real time value, and the graph in the app for historical values.  What you really want to understand is, is this a blip in time (current, last few hours, etc), or is this purifier consistently reporting poor air quality, and do I need to take further action to understand why?

    1. I do not see a control in the Alen Air app for the ‘Timer’ or ‘Light’ button on my 45i?

    Correct.  This is a limitation of using the 45i with the Alen Air app (purifier architecture limitation).

    All other control panel buttons though, can be controlled via the Alen Air app.

    For additional assistance check the article:  Pairing the Alen® Air App