• Alen Air Quality Monitor
  • Alen Air Quality Monitor
  • Alen Air Quality Monitor
  • Alen Air Quality Monitor
  • Alen Air Quality Monitor

Alen Air Quality Monitor



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Product Description
Knowing the air you breathe is healthy has never been more important. The Alen Air Quality Monitor (AQM) is a remote monitoring unit that delivers real time air quality information right to your smartphone. Anywhere. All the time. The Alen AQM uses a precision laser sensor to continually measure particulate levels at PM 2.5, as well as temperature and humidity. It then delivers real time information and trend data to the Alen Air App on your Android or iOS device. This provides peace-of-mind and actionable information to manage your home, school or work environment. Helping make things safer and more comfortable for everyone. Whether used alone or with an Alen air purifier, can you get a more complete view of air quality throughout your location.

    Alen AQM Features:

    • Remote air quality monitoring with or without a purifier
    • High accuracy laser sensor measures particulates (PM 2.5), temperature and humidity
    • Monitor integrates with Alen mobile App​, viewable from anywhere you have connectivity
    • Graphical display of indoor vs. outdoor air quality and history (PM 2.5 concentration)
    • Compact, discrete unit with table or wall mounting options
    • Bluetooth for easy set-up
    • 8ft cord with power adapter plugs into wall​ socket or USB

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Fresh Air At Your Fingertips With The Alen Air App

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AQM Increases your Air IQ

  • Connected monitor integrates with Alen mobile APP
  • Graphically see indoor air quality history (PM 2.5 concentration)
  • See indoor air quality from your phone wherever you are


  • converted key: Accuracy
    +/- 4% below 10 ug/m3, superior low concentration precision sensing – calibrated to TSI DustTrak II
  • converted key: App & devices
    App & devices
    Alen Air App, iOS or Android
  • converted key: Cord length
    Cord length
    8 feet, USB to micro USB, 110v power adapter brick included
  • converted key: Dimensions
    3.25” x 2.1” x 1.2” (with mounting base)
  • converted key: Measurable particle size
    Measurable particle size
    0.3um to – 10.0 um
  • converted key: Measuring range
    Measuring range
    Ultra-fine particulate sensing down to .3 um
  • converted key: Mounting
    Set on table top or wall mount (screws provided)
  • converted key: Pm2.5 measurement range
    Pm2.5 measurement range
    0-499 ug/m3
  • converted key: Power rating
    Power rating
    5.0v, 1A, 1W
  • converted key: Response time
    Response time
    ≤10 seconds
  • converted key: Sensor
    Optical Laser – detects particle concentration
  • converted key: Supported networks
    Supported networks
    Dual band, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, Wi-Fi/BLE onboarding
  • converted key: Unit color
    Unit color
    White with grey accents

What's in the box

  • Alen Air Quality Monitor
  • Snap-on mounting foot 
  • Two screws/anchors for wall mounting 
  • 8 ft. USB/power cable 
  • 110V AC adapter
  • Quick Start card

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the AQM work with my existing Alen unit? 

    Yes, the AQM is part of the Alen Pure Air ecosystem, which can add air monitoring alongside your non-connected Alen purifiers such as the Classic, Fit50 or T500. Simply place the AQM in the same room as your Alen purifier and it to the Alen App on your smartphone to display air quality, temperature, and humidity data in real time. 

  • What does the AQM monitor? 

    The Alen AQM monitors particulates, temperature, and humidity. The high- accuracy laser sensor measures particulate concentration at PM 2.5 and has been calibrated using industrial laboratory particulate sensors. 

  • Will the AQM work with a non-Alen purifier?

    Yes, simply place the AQM in any room you want to monitor, download the Alen App and add the AQM for real time air quality monitoring.