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Author Carew Papritz said his "love affair" with Alen air purifiers began in Spring 2020 during the COVID lockdown. In search of a way to create a safer environment for his wife, Dr. Dawnie Kildoo and her dental practice, he stumbled upon Alen, based on a recommendation from the American Dental Association.

"We were researching new ways we could differentiate ourselves coming out of COVID," he said. "Not only did Alen's HEPA filters do the trick, but the design was also a factor." Papritz said the dental practice received in influx of interested based on a local ad they placed announcing the addition of Alen True HEPA purifiers.

Today, Legacy Smiles proudly owns 13 Alen BreatheSmart 75i units. Their sleek, modern-looking design has seemed to attract a lot of attention throughout the office, Papriz said. Adding that staff regularly see patients snapping photos of the purifiers and receive lots of questions about them.  

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But Papritz's mission for creating a safer environment didn't stop at his wife's dental practice. With his new-found knowledge of the protection and peace of mind Alen could provide, he approached his son's school administration. "If we have to send our kids back to school, why are we are not asking for the safest possible way to do so?" he asked. Thanks to Papritz's advocacy, Continental Elementary School in Green Valley, Arizona now operates 15 BreatheSmart 75i units throughout their building. 

Seeking peace of mind as your family returns to work and the classroom? Our BreatheSmart line has their safety at heart.

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For more information, chat or message an Alen Air Quality Expert here or call 800-630-2396.

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