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After Darwin Hobbs gifted his daughter a fluffy Bernese Mountain Dog, Wyatt, for her birthday, he started experiencing some strange symptoms. Though Darwin had owned dogs his entire life without an issue, he had developed an allergic reaction to Wyatt's pet dander.

Looking for solutions to keep their new furry family member, his wife stumbled upon Alen. After only two days with their new purifier, his symptoms had disappeared. With the pet dander and allergies under control, rehoming Wyatt was no longer a concern.


Another notable benefit Darwin noticed was the relief of his nasal congestion. As a New York City gospel singer and pastor for three churches, maintaining the health of his ears, nose, and throat is critical. “I gotta be clear to sing and work,” he says.

"We absolutely love our new purifier! IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!" Darwin says. The pup seems to love it too, "Wyatt is so drawn to the purifier. It relaxes him in some odd way!"

Does your fur baby shed just like Wyatt? Our BreatheSmart line is the perfect solution for eliminating pet dander. Shop now or contact an Alen Customer Experience Advisor at 800-630-2396 to learn more.

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