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An allergist once told Valerie she was the most allergic patient he had ever seen. For years, Valerie experienced allergic reactions to everything from pollen to any animal hair she encountered. So, of course, her allergist's observation came as no surprise. Desperate for relief, she had tried every air purifier on the market only to find out that they provided minimal relief or broke down a few years later. When her last air purifier broke several months ago, she decided it was time to find a unit that actually worked.

After some research, she found the BreatheSmart Classic. "I don't have time to waste money on junk. I need what I buy to work and to keep working," she said, noting the Forever Guarantee to be one of the BreatheSmart Classic's most attractive features. "If it works well and works as advertised, then it's for me."

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    Valerie is now the owner of four BreatheSmart Classic units—two for her home and two for her office—and she could not be more pleased with the results. Even in her older home or at her office, where Valerie houses several rescue animals, she has seen a significant difference. "With all of our animals and the dust laying around in our home, I didn't think I would find such great relief. I have been sleeping better and haven't touched my inhaler since placing these units in my home and office."

    After years of using other air purifiers and searching for relief from her symptoms, Valerie says she is blown away by the BreatheSmart Classic. "It's not often that I feel so strongly about a product like this! Other people need to know about these because they are THAT good."

    Are you a severe allergy sufferer looking for relief like Valerie? The entire BreatheSmart line was designed with asthma and allergy sufferers in mind. To learn more, chat or message an Alen Clean Air expert here or call at 800-630-2396.


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