• Alen BreatheSmart 75i Designer Panels
  • Alen BreatheSmart 75i Designer Panels
  • Alen BreatheSmart 75i Designer Panels
  • Alen BreatheSmart 75i Designer Panels
  • Alen BreatheSmart 75i Designer Panels
  • Alen BreatheSmart 75i Designer Panels

Alen BreatheSmart 75i Designer Panels


Product Description
Breathe Beautifully
The Alen BreatheSmart family of air purifiers are unique in their ability to change when you want them to. New room, new flooring, new paint? No problem. Match your style with any of our 5 premium options.
  • 5 premium finishes selected to complement today’s homes
  • Panel change is a snap; no difficult assembly required
  • Fits the BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier
  • Color Brushed Stainless

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • My Room is Bigger than the Listed Coverage Area of the Unit I Want. Will it Still Do Some Good?

      The efficacy of an air purifier is typically measured in air exchanges per hour, or how many times within an hour the air in a room is completely replaced. A rate of six exchanges per hour or more is considered very good and would meet our standards. If your square footage exceeds the listed square footage for your air purifier, it can still clean your room, but the rate at which it can do so decreases. When the air exchanges per hour drop to a certain point, you won’t be receiving all of the benefits of allergen-free, breathable air. For optimal performance, a good rule of thumb is to find an air purifier that can cover more than the square footage of your room.

    • My apartment is 1500 square feet total, with a living room and a bedroom. Will one air purifier certified for 1500 square feet meet the needs of my entire apartment?

      Although your air purifier may still do some good in your entire apartment due to natural air circulation, air purifiers work best in the room they’re placed in. Air purifiers can’t work through walls or doorways, nor can they typically travel up stairs for loft-style apartments. It’s best, then, to get two smaller units and place one in each room. If you can only get one air purifier, place it in the room where you spend the most time, as this is the room that will see the most reliable results. We usually recommend the bedroom, since air quality and allergies can often drastically affect your quality of sleep. Your air purifier is portable and can be moved from room to room as needed, too.

    • What Is the Difference Between Your Pre-Configured Air Purifiers and Your Customizable Options?

      If you’ve already done your research and you know exactly which purifier and filters are right for you, then our customizable options will allow you to configure the air purifier that meets your exact specifications. If you’re still a bit lost, our pre-configured options are designed to take the guesswork out of compositing your own air filter from scratch. Each pre-configured option is designed with a different set of needs in mind, from allergies to pet odor, and it contains the specific combination of air purifier and filter to fit the job. These options are still customizable from an aesthetic standpoint - you can still choose your own panels - but they are not otherwise customizable.