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AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Alen®, a 16-year leader in High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purification solutions, today announced customers can now control and monitor its BreatheSmart air purifiers on its free Alen Air mobile app on IOS and Android devices. This is the first app of its kind in the air purification market.

The new Alen Air app pairs with its BreatheSmart line of air purifiers to monitor the air quality of spaces across up to 20 locations and control up to 2,000 devices remotely in homes, businesses and schools. The Alen ecosystem provides a unique approach to smarter digital air care to deliver the right purification for the right spaces at the right time. Currently, there are over 120,000 Alen BreatheSmart air purifier units in the market available to be paired with the Alen Air mobile app.

“We continue to innovate and set new standards for air quality and performance,” said Warburg Lee, CEO of Alen Corp. “This app was designed with both consumers and enterprise customers in mind. It is simple and easy to use whether for one room or 2,000 rooms or offices. The app seamlessly monitors and manages every aspect of your BreatheSmart functions all in one place. I’m proud of our teams’ abilities to design extraordinary and uncompromising products and services for our customers.”

The Alen Air app solves the problem of managing multiple air purifiers in a variety of locations for businesses, school districts, homes and more by allowing users to monitor, control and manage one or hundreds of air purifiers including each unit’s HEPA filter life and subscriptions. The app also allows users access to warranty information, contact customer support, review air quality history and map air quality against trends.

With some school districts having upwards of 1,500 air purifiers spread across its campuses, facility managers can efficiently monitor each unit from their one location, saving time and resources. CEOs, school leaders and others can communicate and reassure employees, parents, teachers and students that the air they breathe is being purified and monitored.

“Remote monitoring has become a standard be it doorbells, thermostats, baby monitors or any smart device, and air quality seems equally, if not more, critical to health and safety,” said Bharti Patel, CTO of Alen. “People want to be their own authority in certifying their environments are clean and safe. This is why we’ve taken this critical step in putting the power in the hands of those that are breathing and sharing air in their homes, offices, schools and more.”

Alen® products use the power of next-generation air purification technology and HEPA filtration to defeat viral spread by capturing 99.9 percent of harmful particles to the level of 0.1 microns, a clean margin that protects against allergens, dust, mold, bacteria and many aerosolized viruses. With an unmatched combination of room coverage and quietness, Alen’s air purifiers work for large and small spaces such as offices, classrooms, living rooms, apartments, kitchens, master bedrooms, basements, and more. Individual Alen air purifier units can cover a space up to 1,300 sq ft and more with the combination of multiple units. “Always on” air purification creates a passive layer of protection that keeps virus particle count extremely low in all spaces professionals and individuals spend their time.

To learn more about Alen’s commitment to pure air and to purchase a gift for yourself or someone in your life, visit www.alen.com.

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