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Consumer Reports has again given the EXCELLENT score for the Alen BreatheSmart 75i Pure, making it back-to-back #1 in the category! According to the report, Alen air purifiers outperformed all others with combined power and efficacy, and superb filtration technology. The BreatheSmart 75i Pure is elegantly designed, whisper-quiet and uses smart sensor technology with LED color rings to let you know when harmful particles get stirred up.

Most people in America are aware that the air we all breathe is directly linked to our health and wellness. We know viruses and pollutants have gone undetected in our homes, offices and schools, and, in many cases, have made us sick. The key reason customers come to Alen is to get rid of allergens, fight the spread of viruses and reduce particulate matter.

Making the Invisible Visible

Alen uses smart sensor technology that is designed to run 24/7 to constantly monitor air quality and auto-adjust fan speed when airborne particles are detected. The easy-to-understand vivid LED color rings on the top of the unit clearly show when elevated particulate levels are detected. Customers tell us that their entire family takes notice of their air quality when they see the ring colors change. If it’s red, something’s going on … perhaps there is smoke from the oven or the outdoor barbeque or maybe it’s a bad pollen day. Alen users are more likely to adjust something in their environment to get to the healthy green light such as opening their doors and windows.

Alen’s integrated Pure Air Inside Platform ties together the BreatheSmart air purifier with the Alen Air mobile app and Air Quality Monitors (AQM) to create an ecosystem that gives full visibility into the air quality,  the filter status of purifiers, analytics that optimize purification, and more. Our purifiers and Pure Air Inside platform help people breathe easier during the day, sleep better at night and take control of air quality.

Square Footage is Key

The efficacy of an air purifier is typically measured in air exchanges per hour (ACH), or how many times within an hour the air in a room is completely replaced. The BreatheSmart 75i True HEPA air purifier can clean all the air in a room every 30 minutes at the highest setting. Even if the square footage exceeds the listed square footage, it will still clean the air, but with fewer ACHs. The BreatheSmart 75i covers up to 1,300 square feet -- more than any others reviewed by Consumer Reports.

True Filtration

Every person and every room has different air filtration needs. It could be a number of issues from allergens like dust, chemicals and VOCs to pet odor, dander or a wildfire. For example, an air purifier used in a kitchen or bathroom may need to be better at targeting odors while an air purifier in a classroom must tackle viruses and mold.

One reason Consumer Reports rated the BreatheSmart 75i Pure #1 is its energy and operating costs, including filter replacements which run roughly $140 annually, lower than others reviewed by Consumer Reports. Alen also has an MP odor cell technology which neutralizes odors on the molecular level quickly and effectively.

Quiet Air Purification

SleepScore Labs, an independent, peer-reviewed study, found that our purifiers are efficient and quiet and have proven to improve sleep. The BreatheSmart line runs at 49 decibels which is up to 200% quieter than competitors. The units emit a soothing pink noise, a frequency proven to improve sleep by up to 25%. The key to pink noise is that the higher frequencies are less intense. Since they are "gentler," people’s ears are less likely to get overwhelmed by them. Along with being ideal for sleep, Consumer Reports noted its reduced noise level easily allows for conversations or getting work done.

Read more about Consumer Reports’ ratings of Best Air Purifiers of 2023 and explore its comprehensive air purifier ratings to learn more about Alen’s number one rating.

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