Fresh Air at Your Fingertips

Single or Multiple Location Management

At Alen, our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives by providing unsurpassed air purification technology. Designed specifically to work with our purifiers and air sensors, the Alen Air App allows you to monitor and manage units located throughout your environment from your smartphone. It’s an ecosystem that gives you full visibility into the air quality in the spaces that matter most - enabling single- or multi-location air quality management.

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Cleaner, Healthier Air You Can Feel

Our groundbreaking ecosystem delivers the right purification to the right spaces at the right time. For cleaner, healthier air wherever you live, work, learn, and play.

When air is pure, you can feel it with every breath. It gives people the confidence to come back together safely. The Pure Air Inside Platform gives you easy access to the data to control and validate your air quality.


Total Control By Design

Next-Level Air Purification

The Alen Air App’s intuitive design helps you manage all purifiers from a single easy-to-use interface. Monitor the indoor air quality of your spaces while comparing them to the outdoor air quality, and display both the current status and historical data.


Easy to Use Interface = Control at Your Fingertips

  • Intuitive user interface lets you control your air purifiers from anywhere with your mobile device.
  • Customizable dashboard summarizes the highest priority information for your entire environment, including air quality, filter life, and more.
  • Advanced analytics give you actionable insights into your air quality.


High-level Information = Optimized Air by Location

  • Monitor and manage one or multiple locations/buildings/geographic locations.
  • Get high-level visual information about performance.
  • Perform bulk actions across multiple Alen air purifiers in different locations at once.


Advanced Analytics = Deeper Insight into Air Quality

  • Offers information on indoor versus outdoor air quality, including current status and historical graphing.
  • Provides analytics that helps you optimize purifier placement and know where to focus your action.
  • Supplies air quality support information that improves your air quality understanding.

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