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It was sunny and cool just before nine a.m. when we pulled up to the Austin Humane Society. Our day of volunteering was about to begin, but the sprawling facility was already buzzing with activity.

Volunteers shuttled exuberant dogs in and out for walks, and staff populated cat habitats behind the building’s huge front display windows where cats spend the day lounging and playing as they await potential adopters. 

Inside, a truly incredible operation is hard at work on a mission to provide medical care, shelter, and adoption services to Austin-area homeless pets. It’s a mission we couldn’t be prouder to support.

A dog up for adoption at Austin Humane Society during Alen Air Purifiers volunteer day

How Alen Supports Austin Humane Society

During our annual pet event, Alen donates a portion of proceeds from our pet-focused purifiers and filters to the Austin Humane Society (AHS), whose invaluable rescue and adoption services benefit over 13,000 pets per year.

Last year, that donation totaled over $7,800.

Beyond Austin, AHS also provides relief to areas affected by natural disasters, including the hurricanes that hit Houston and Puerto Rico.

Here’s a breakdown of the true cost of helping animals in need: 

  • $20 - provides a night of shelter for a dog or cat
  • $50 - provides spay/neuter surgeries for two animals
  • $100 - provides total medical care for a dog or cat 

In addition to donating sales proceeds, a group of Alen teammates took part in hands-on volunteer work. Alongside AHS’s 30 full-time staff and a handful of their 750 regular volunteers, we washed pet bedding in their massive laundry facility, cleaned dog and cat enclosures, and packed Kong dog toys with treats and peanut butter to occupy dogs between their 3-4 walks per day.

Amid a chorus of meows, we also helped unload a van full of caged feral cats rounded up for spay/neuter surgery. AHS controls area cat populations by providing over 8,000 such procedures per year.

Members of the Alen Air Purifiers team volunteer to help pets at Austin Humane Society

Austin Humane Society plays an integral role in Austin’s impressive 10-year history as a No-Kill city. As Education and Events Coordinator Amanda Massey explained, AHS is part of a regional network of shelters that partner to re-home animals surrendered by owners or lost pets not claimed after 48-hours in city facilities. Massey said AHS’s dedicated adoption team boats an average adoption time of just two weeks from arrival to forever-home.

At the end of the day, it felt good to give back by volunteering. But it felt even better to visit with some adorable puppies.

Members of the Alen air purifiers team volunteering at Austin Humane Society

Why Air Purifiers are Great Companions for Homes with Pets

To help Austin Humane Society volunteers breathe easier, we also donated five BreatheSmart FLEX purifiers equipped with OdorCell filters.

Designed to improve air quality in spaces shared with pets, Alen’s entire line of True HEPA purifiers is available with our patented OdorCell pet filters which remove airborne allergens and neutralize bad smells at the molecular level.

About a week after adding the purifiers, Massey said, ” I believe they've made a difference!  Especially in our smaller spaces like our stray cat room and kitten nursery,” she said. “The purifiers also make a pink noise sound, which seems to be soothing for the animals.” 

According to the ASPCA, up to 20% of the population is allergic to animals. A True HEPA air purifier can certainly contribute to a healthier pet-friendly home by removing pet dander from the air. It’s just one of the U.S. Humane Society's tips on how to live with allergies and pets.

BreatheSmart FLEX air purifier for homes with pets like cats

“I know allergies and pet smells can be a concern for a lot of people who are wanting to adopt an animal,” Massey explained. “If so, I think people could definitely benefit from a purifier!

Want to do more?

At Alen, part of our mission of improving indoor wellness includes helping pet owners enjoy healthier and fresher homes. By removing allergens and odors, we make it possible for more people to welcome animals into their lives—and keep loving them for life.

Please join us in supporting the amazing work of the Austin Humane Society.

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And check out our line of air purifiers for pet lovers. From studio apartments to huge open-concept family rooms, we’ve got what it takes to make life with pets even better. When you purchase a Best Friend purifier + filter bundle, (or any OdorCell filter), you help Austin Humane Society.

BreatheSmart 75i HEPA air purifier for homes with pets

The Alen BreatheSmart 75i with Odorcell pet filter

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