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NEWS RELEASE: Alen Air Becoming the Preferred Air Purifier of the California Back-to-School Movement

AUSTIN, Texas (Mar. 17, 2021) —Alen Air Purifiers, a 15-year leader in High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) solutions, today announced emergency prioritized shipping for all schools now transitioning to in-person classroom learning. More than 43,000 classrooms across the country, 15,000 of which are in California, already rely on Alen Air Purifiers to protect students and teachers from COVID-19 contamination amid decisions on how and when to relax guidelines across the country.

“We saw this coming and assured institutions in 2020 that the increased need will be met without delay,” said Andy Graham, CEO of Alen. “Our mission is providing safe air to students, teachers, workers and families now reentering the closed spaces where our products work best. If your child and teachers are there, we’ll be there to protect them.”

Alen products defeat viral spread by capturing 99.99 percent of harmful particles to the level of 0.1 microns, a clean margin that protects against allergens, dust, mold, bacteria and other aerosolized viruses. A room full of students needs a purifier designed for larger spaces and more people “inside the box” breathing recycled air. Unfortunately, many schools and businesses are buying smaller purifiers designed for home use that won’t provide enough airflow to clean the classroom. The average person inhales and exhales 2 gallons of air per minute at rest, filling up a room very quickly.

Alen Test results for COVID particle capture showing 99.4% capture within 20 minutes

Independent third-party lab tests show that Alen Air Purifiers are 99.4 percent effective at removing dangerous air particles within 20 minutes from a 1,050 cubic feet test chamber running at one fan speed below maximum. “Always on” air purification creates a passive layer of protection that keeps virus particle count extremely low so that an infected student walking into a classroom is not adding enough viral concentration to infect another student or teacher.

Teachers welcome the advent of purified air in classrooms. “We knew as school started up and we had to close doors and windows for fire season that we needed to find a safe air quality solution because the critical COVID-19 safety protocols required maximum airflow in the classrooms,” said Mike Grant, director Marin County Office of Education. “We had such great feedback about our Alen HEPA air filters the prior year at one of our campuses that we decided it was time to have an Alen HEPA filter in all of our classrooms. We were able to expedite an order of about 50 units, and fortunately had them in place on the first day that air quality took a turn for the worse.”

Alen reports that after safety, educators’ prime concern is noise level. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s guidelines, excessive noise can be disruptive to communication and student attention span. Teachers speak at 50-70 decibels (dB). The Alen BreatheSmart 75i is the quietest HEPA filter among leading brands with similar airflow, operating at 49 dB at its highest speed—where it counts.


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To learn more about Alen’s commitment to pure air and how it provides relief from allergies, asthma, pollution and odors, visit www.alen.com.

About Alen
Alen is an Austin-based innovator of top-rated True HEPA air purifiers and filters with over 20,000 five-star reviews by customers. Driven by the belief that wellness begins with pure air, Alen’s mission is to improve quality of life and safety within homes and workplaces by making the best air purification products on the planet. Alen inspires a healthier life and peace of mind for everyone through clean and safe air.

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