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Alen Customer Story: Redeemer School from Alen Air Purifiers on Vimeo.

Safeguarding an Essential Community Resource for Learning & Care

The Early Childhood Center at Austin’s Redeemer Lutheran School provides a vital community service.

According to Education Director Amber Schraeder, nearly 50 percent of Redeemer's parents perform essential duties in healthcare, government, and other fields unable to work from home. So, reliable Pre-K care is a must.

Alen helped Redeemer School purify its 15 classrooms and library to Harvard School of Public Health standards to ensure a safer learning environment.

"For me, my staff, and parents, these air purifiers add another layer of protection and peace of mind. We know we're doing every single thing we can to create a normal, in-person learning experience, which is so critical," said Schraeder.

Portable air cleaners are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and public health experts as an always-on layer of protection.

COVID-19 transmission is like second-hand smoke—concentrated exposure is the danger. Air purifiers with the proper capacity for a classroom help reduce virus particle counts, so an infected student is not adding enough particles to infect another student or teacher.

Based on square footage and ceiling height figures provided by Redeemer, Alen recommended using two of our economical BreatheSmart FLEX True HEPA air purifiers for each 450-500 SqFt classroom. Doing so achieved the 4-6 air changes per hour (ACH) recommended by experts. 


Alen True HEPA air purifier in a school classroom

Looking into a classroom at Austin's Redeemer School

"I want other schools to know that Alen has been so easy to work with," Schraeder added. "I stepped into a realm where I'm not an expert and didn't really know anything, and Alen was so awesome every step of the way."

This level of care is one reason why Alen is trusted in more than 43,000 classrooms nationwide. To find out more about how we're helping schools and universities nationwide reopen safely, read our in-depth article here

Visit our Alen for Schools page to learn more about our dedicated EduSafety Program or fill out this simple form and our team will contact you directly. 

To contact us, call 1-855-200-5483 or email edusafety@alen.com.

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