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Air Purification is necessary for Veterinary Clinics

Pure air quality in veterinary clinics can be difficult to achieve due to urban air pollution, surgical gasses, airborne pathogens, and allergens such as dander from cats, dogs, birds, and other pets. In this blog post we are going to discuss each one of these and how veterinarians and their customers can benefit from having Alen® Air Purifiers.

How do these air pollutants affect us?

Let’s discuss Pet Dander and Odor:

Dander specifically can be a serious aggravant for allergies because the dander from pets contains not just hair, but dead skin, as well as outside pollutants like pollen which can be an irritant for those even without allergies. An overly-sensitive immune system reacts to harmless proteins in the pet dander and can cause blood vessels to expand, triggering an allergic reaction that can cause sneezing, breaking out in hives, or watery eyes and nose. Sinus health is a common concern for people with allergies. On top of that, it has been proven that dander can remain in one area for 4-6 months without proper cleaning.

Pet Odor isn’t itself an irritant for things like allergies, however combined with pet dander can become quite a nuisance. The ammonia from pet urine will evaporate into the air, producing toxic fumes that can cause respiratory illness, skin and eye irritation.

Veterinary medicine and animal care workers are at risk of exposure to many different chemical hazards including glutaraldehyde and other disinfectants, hazardous drugs, latex, pesticides, and waste anesthetic gasses.

Alen® Air Purifiers can tackle a wide variety of issues including chemicals and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Air pollution affects human health as well as the climate of an area. About 90% of global citizens live in areas that exceed the safe level in the World Health Organization (WHO) air quality guidelines. Urban areas produce roughly 78% of all carbon emissions and substantial airborne pollutants that adversely affect over 50% of the world’s population.

Alen® has the solution! Alen® provides air filter options for each of these concerns: Pet Odor & Dander, Chemical Toxins (VOCs), and other allergens. Alen’s HEPA (H13) medical-grade air filters capture up to 99.9% of harmful particles as small as 0.1 microns. In addition to Alen's premium True HEPA material, Alen’s proprietary air filter for Pet Concerns, the MP (Molecular Powder) Pet Air Filter has a unique, patented layer of non-toxic odor powder that destroys odor at the molecular level. With an unmatched combination of room coverage and quietness, Alen® air purifiers are ideal for large and small open-concept spaces up to 1,300 SqFt.

Shop Best Air Filters for Pet Odor and Dander

Shop Best Air Filters for Chemical Toxins

Alen® air purifiers can fit in any aesthetic including Veterinary Clinics, Animal Hospitals and Pet Stores. Alen® recommends the BreatheSmart 75i and 45i to cover any of your air purifier needs. Currently there are some great promotions going on that you can take advantage of, namely the Alen® Air Intelligence bundle which has many unique and useful features. This bundle includes either the BreatheSmart 75i or 45i, the AQM and the Alen® Air App. When purchasing the AQM on its own, the cost is $129 but buy the bundle and get the AQM for only $25!

Alen® Air Intelligence Product Details:

  • Alen® AQM (Air Quality Monitor) and wi-fi enabled air purifiers (75i and 45i) work together to give you a more complete view of your air quality
  • High accuracy measurements of particulates, temperature, and humidity
  • The Alen Air App displays air quality status from your wi-fi enabled air purifier and AQM on your smartphone
  • Graphical comparison of indoor vs. outdoor air quality
  • Compact AQM can be placed on tabletop or wall mounted

Shop Alen® Air Intelligence Bundle Here

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