The right noise will help you rest.

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Sleep is an important function of life, so why get the best sleep possible? Pink noise can help you sleep even better than white noise.

What exactly is white noise? Pink noise?

“White” noise is created by combining many high and low frequencies together. It contains equal levels of low tones and high tones.

“Pink” noise is less random. The low tone sounds in pink noise are present in higher levels than the high tones.

Frequency of White and Pink Noise

Pink noise is sometimes compared to your heartbeat or a cat purring, while white noise sounds more like TV static. Pink noise is the most common noise found in nature.

Why is it called pink and white noise?

Pink noise and white noise are named after the color spectrum. White light is actually a blend of all different colors of light, from purple to green to yellow and red. Just like the white light is made up of multiple colors, white noise is also a blend of multiple “colors” or frequencies of sound. This basically means that white noise is a blend of all types of noise.

Red/pink light is found at the lower end of the color spectrum, and this is where the term "pink" noise comes from. Pink noise consists of lower toned sounds.

Color Spectrum

So, why is pink noise better?

White noise works to cover up other sounds by drowning them out, or overwhelming them. Unfortunately, white noise can be perceived to be unpleasant, or somewhat irritating, because it contains both high pitch sounds as well as low pitch sounds.

On the other hand, pink noise blends into the background and provides a low, soothing tempo to sleep to. It significantly reduces, or irritates the high pitch sounds while retaining the low pitch, relaxing sounds. In fact, one study found that participants slept up to 25 percent better with pink noise than white noise.

What air purifiers produce pink noise?

BreatheSmart Sound Output

The Alen BreatheSmart HEPA and the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 air purifiers both produce pink noise. These machines can help improve sleep quality as well as clear allergens, dust, odors, and chemicals in the air.

We love Pink Noise! Check out the BreatheSmart FIT50 for better sleep and better breathing.

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