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Alen®, a leading brand in the air purifier industry is known for its innovative air filters and advanced technology. One of Alen's key differentiators is its air quality sensing capabilities, which allows it to provide accurate and consistent readings for indoor particulate pollution. Alen's advanced technology lets you know the status of the air quality in your environment. Easy to understand vivid LED color rings clearly inform you when elevated particulate levels are detected. In addition, Alen® air purifiers provide the only ‘Guaranteed Forever’ peace of mind warranty.

Other brands may offer only one type of air filter, but Alen® provides several options – all of which are designed to remove airborne contaminants. When you are shopping for an air purifier to address: allergies and dust, chemicals and VOCs, pet odor and dander, smoke and or wildfire smoke, call Alen’s customer service team. A monthly Alen® air filter subscription is a convenient way to keep your air healthy.

Another factor that sets Alen® apart from other brands is its MP odor cell technology. This unique feature helps to neutralize odors on the molecular level quickly and effectively.

Alen’s top notch designs provide quiet, efficient air purifiers. Because of Alen’s unique pink noise frequency, Alen® advertises up to 25% better sleep. (According to SleepScore Labs, September 9, 2019) A restful night’s sleep is the key to feeling healthy and happy. Alen® air purifiers, designed for a range of different room sizes and air concerns, and tuned to a scientifically proven pink noise frequency, will help you breathe easier, sleep up to 25% better, and take on the morning feeling energized and refreshed. Pink noise is a soothing, deep, whisper-quiet frequency.

Alen® provides design options to fit the aesthetic feel of any home or business. The color choice of front panels compliment the decor of any home or business. Let’s go with Alen today!

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