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Physical inactivity isn’t healthy for you.

It’s been shown to increase risks of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and obesity. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of mortality responsible for 3.2 million deaths worldwide every year. We can all benefit from a bit of exercise and in a lot of cases the place we turn to is the gym, the gym is one of the most frequented facilities, with an average of 184 million members belonging to over 210,000 health and fitness facilities.

Gyms are usually hosts of large groups of people averaging 300-500 members a day. Most gyms are responsible enough to encourage members to clean surfaces and equipment after each use, however gyms can be a breeding ground for lots of different types of pollutants. Gym members can easily spread viruses to one another due to how close people are at the gym. There is no mistaking the importance of breathing while exercising, but we don’t want to be inhaling all these pollutants.

Exercise leads to increased and intensified breathing. Consider the air that you breathe as a vital nutrient fueling your entire body with the most life giving of all substances on the earth. When we look at it that way, the importance of breathing pure clean air becomes obvious and especially at gyms and fitness centers while we are breathing intensely during exercise.

There is no question that gyms are popular and continuously growing in popularity year after year, however when considering the gym also consider the kind of impact that air pollution might have on your exercise. There are a few determining factors on the kind of air pollution you might be exposed to when going to the gym. First off, where is the gym located? Primarily gyms are located in larger cities, near busy roads or industrial buildings meaning just being in a gym alone can expose you to lots of outdoor pollutants. A few examples of outdoor pollutants are transportation exhaust, factory emissions, domestic use of fossil fuels, pollutants from construction, and others. Most of these External pollutants are able to penetrate the building through windows, doors, and even on clothing in some cases.

Alen® has the solutions to address all of these concerns, with the perfect combination of area coverage and quietness, Alen® has the perfect air purifiers for gyms to utilize removing most all outdoor pollutants that might sneak in, as well as addressing indoor air pollution like airborne pathogens, chemicals and VOC’s, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and helps to relieve Asthma/Allergies, allowing gym members to exercise in a more secure and clean environment.

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