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Expand your air quality IQ with air quality monitoring. The Alen AQM (Air Quality Monitor) combined with the Alen Air app, informs you, your family, and your staff about changes in indoor/outdoor air quality conditions.

*Get an Alen® Air Quality Monitor (AQM) for only $25 with the purchase of a qualifying Wi-Fi enabled Alen® air purifier (BreatheSmart 45i and BreatheSmart 75i). Limited time offer, while Supplies last!

Download the Alen® air app to manage from 1 to 4000 Alen® devices (air purifiers, air quality monitors) in up to 20 different locations, making Alen® the perfect solution for home, schools, office buildings, or wherever you need quality control over your fresh air.

The Alen® AQM uses a precision laser sensor to continually measure particulate levels at PM 2.5, as well as temperature and humidity. It delivers real time information and trend data to the Alen® Air App on your Android or iOS device.

Enjoy peace-of-mind and actionable information to manage your home, school, or work environment. Helping make things safer and more comfortable for everyone. Whether used alone or with an Alen® purifier, you get a more complete view of air quality throughout your location.

Alen® AQM features:

  • Remote air quality monitoring with or without an Alen® air purifier
  • High accuracy laser sensor measures particulates (PM 2.5), temperature and humidity
  • Integrates with Alen® Air mobile App, viewable from anywhere you have connectivity
  • Graphical display of indoor vs. outdoor air quality and history (PM 2.5 concentration)
  • Compact, discrete unit with table or wall mounting options
  • Bluetooth for easy set-up
  • 8ft cord with power adapter plugs into wall socket or USB

Alen® currently has some great bundles!

Alen® Air Intelligence Bundle
Get an Alen® Air Quality Monitor (AQM) for only $25 with the purchase of a qualifying Wi-Fi enabled Alen purifier (BreatheSmart 75i, BreatheSmart 45i) Limited time offer, while supplies last!

Alen's coverage can handle any air quality issue you might be facing ranging from Airborne Pathogens, Allergies & Dust, Asthma, Chemicals & VOC’s, Mold, Pet Odor & Dander and Smoke. Alen® uses HEPA filter technology which has been proven to remove 99.9% of dust, allergens, and harmful fine pollutants as small as 0.1 microns and paired with the Alen® App and AQM you will have complete control over your air quality.

Let’s take back control of our air quality today!

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