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From beautiful décor to a perfectly flowing layout, interior design is about bringing out the best in a space. Inspiring rooms simply make us feel good. But with True HEPA air purification, a room can physically improve our wellness when it’s free of airborne pathogens, allergens, and pollutants.

Alen’s exclusive selection of designer panels brings visual delight to the world’s most quiet and effective purifiers. We know people love customizing their Alen purifiers to complement any décor, so we reached out to an expert—Alen customer and professional Interior Designer, Melissa Roberts—to discuss her approach design and why she chose Alen.

Before joining the design world, Roberts practiced as a Registered Nurse first in emergency rooms and later in schools. Today, her firm, Melissa Roberts Interiors, blends modern and timeless aesthetics to create stunning spaces with one-of-a-kind livable elegance. She provides nationwide consulting and offers style-enhancing designer tips on her blog.

“I assist each client in finding the perfect elements to reflect their style,” Roberts said.

interior design

We asked Roberts to talk about how purifiers can elevate the quality of life in a room and how she pairs our designer panels with interior décor to create unforgettable and uplifting spaces:


Why do think improving air quality is an important way to increase peoples' enjoyment of their space?


Good interior design should encompass all 5 senses. The most commonly ignored element is the sense of smell. Many textiles, cabinetry, and paints pollute the air we breathe, so it is imperative that we consider ways to improve air quality.


How do you recommend people match an Alen designer panel with their decor?


As with every part of a design plan, coordination is key. Alen offers a variety of panels that are easy to pair with your existing decor. Consider all the color options and find one that has the same color tones as the room where you will be using it.

alen in home


A remodel or décor refresh is a great time to add an air purifier. What are a few quick style tips that someone can consider alongside a purifier to make a big impact on their space?


When remodeling your home, dirt and dust get stirred up among the many other particles in the air. This is a perfect time to add an air purifier to combat pollution.

Personally, I prefer to have my Alen air purifier in high traffic areas styled next to a basket stuffed with a throw blanket and pillow.

I also like to incorporate greenery into my designs, which also pair nicely with the purifiers!



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