Time to take control of your air?

If you are reading this right now, you probably have some concerns about your indoor air. Maybe you have challenges with allergies, exposure to chemical irritants, smoke, odors, or long-term lung health? Well, we have good news. You really can optimize the quality of your life by personalizing how you purify your air to your specific needs.

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“I suffer from severe asthma that is triggered by pollen, air pollution including smoke particles and ozone. This purifier keeps my indoor air clean and provides a refuge for me.”

  • Linda W.

The Air You Breathe Matters

It’s true, your indoor air is full of allergens, pollen, mold spores, and even volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that affect how you feel every day. If you’ve got pets, there’s also dander floating around (not to mention odors). Poor indoor air quality can also impact your sleep.

Alenize Your Life

Alen purifiers are more effective at removing unwanted irritants and improving sleep because Alen air purifiers combine the most powerful fan motor with the quietest and most advanced filtration technology. This power-packed combination means the air in your space is cleaned at a minimum of two times per hour when you pair the right unit for your room size with the best filter for your needs.

“The HEPA filter is thicker than that of most other models, and the unit is designed with a tight gasket seal to truly lock contaminants and pollutants in”


Get insights. Create your Utopiair.

Our top-of-the-line BreatheSmart 75i and 45i purifiers are powerful and smart. These Wi-Fi-enabled purifiers have smart sensors that work seamlessly with the Alen Air app to give you real-time insights and historical data so you can truly master your home environment. Create your own in-home network of purifiers and adjust the settings on multiple Alen units, from anywhere.

“Initially, we started with only one, but because it did such an excellent job, we now own three, and there is a possibility of acquiring more in the future. The product is of exceptional quality and operates autonomously, making it a "set it and forget it" device. We adore it.”

  • Mark L.

How can Alen claim to be the best?

Our cutting-edge technology, rigorous testing, and innovative design bring you air purifiers that are not only effective but are best in class. But don’t take our word for it – check out our thousands of five-star customer reviews.

“This air purifier cleans up to about 1,300 square feet twice an hour without making a lot of noise.”


Recommended by Consumer Reports

The Alen BreatheSmart 75i has been rated and recommended by Consumer Reports two years in a row.

“We are amazed by this air purifier. We have four dogs and three cats and live in a split-level house (upstairs has a living area). The kitchen has no ventilation, so cooking odors permeate the entire downstairs, which is open-plan. Fish, browned meats, bacon. You name it. And the purifier can handle it all. Its operation is flawless.”

  • Krista S.
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Proven to Improve Sleep

Only Alen® purifiers have been proven to improve sleep according to a peer-reviewed study by SleepScore Labs.

  • 50% reported feeling more rested when waking up in the morning.
  • Participants reported falling asleep 30% faster and over 50% reported waking up less often during the night.

“Put the 45i unit in our bedroom and it's quiet! Just place the filter, plug it in and start breathing clean air. We also have the 'Classic' model in the living room. It's a workhorse. We run them 24/7. We upgraded the filters and the difference in the air quality is superb! Love, Love, Love these air purifiers.”

  • Connie A.

Backed by the Industry’s Only Forever Guarantee

Investing in an air purifier is an investment in your long-term health. It’s also why Alen offers you a guarantee of pure air for life. When you buy a top-rated Alen air purifier, we proudly support it with the industry’s first and only FOREVER GUARANTEE. If you change your filter when your unit tells you to, and anything ever goes wrong, we’ll fix it or replace it, for FREE. Forever.

“I've struggled with allergies for a long time and I've owned a bunch of different air purifiers. This one takes the cake.”

  • Matt A.

Pay Less than $3 a day with Affirm

With Affirm financing, owning an Alen is now more affordable than ever. You can own the air purifier of your dreams for less than $3 a day. Break your purchase into bite-sized, low-APR monthly payments and finance your air purifier over the course of 3, 6, or 12 months.* *Rates are between 0-30%

“If you want an air purifier you can set and forget, look no further than the Alen BreatheSmart 75i.”