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Celebrate Independence this 4th of July with an Alen® Air Purifier.

July 4th is a holiday that typically involves a lot of fireworks However, there is one thing that often gets forgotten in the excitement - air pollution. While fireworks are definitely a fun part of the holiday, they also contribute significantly to air pollution. Small amounts of fireworks can disperse quickly, however when the entire country is celebrating the holiday, it can cause regional air pollution to spike and remain elevated for several days.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), states that fireworks can cause levels of ultrafine particulate matter in the air to spike by as much as 100 times!

Ultrafine particulate matter is a complex mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets. Particle pollution is made up of a number of components, including acids (such as nitrates and sulfates), organic chemicals, metals, and soil or dust particles.

Ultrafine particulate matter can be dangerous for everyone, but especially for those with respiratory conditions like asthma or COPD. Those with heart conditions can also be affected by increased levels of suspended particulates in the air. So how can you stay safe this July 4th? One way is to make sure you have a quality air purifier in your home. Alen® air purifiers are some of the best on the market and can help to remove 99.9% of harmful particulates .1 micron and larger, including pollutants from fireworks, making it safer for everyone to breathe.

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