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It was July of last year. Josh, a newly married 36-year old, was feeling happy and healthy as he started a new chapter in life that sunny Massachusetts summer. 

Then, life threw him a curveball. 

Everything changed when Josh received a surprise diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (or AML), an especially aggressive form of the blood cancer leukemia. 

By November, he was hospitalized and receiving a strong cocktail of chemotherapy and immune system suppression drugs. He spent December quarantined after a bone marrow transplant. Before he went home, Josh’s team of doctors told him that a HEPA air purifier would help his weakened immune system. After careful research, he discovered Alen. 


Fighting leukemia with the help of an Alen HEPA air purifier

Pure Air and Peace of Mind on the Road to Recovery

“My wife purchased the Alen BreatheSmart FLEX with the Silver Filter,” Josh said. “It did its job 24/7 to keep my air free from the germs, dust, and allergens that could’ve potentially sent me back to the hospital.” 

“My Alen is honestly the best and most comforting thing I’ve ever purchased.”

Since returning home and amid ongoing chemotherapy, Josh kept his Alen closeby. 

“During chemo, your immune system is basically non-existent. They have to knock everything down in order to it build back up,” he explained. “But through it all, my one consistent comfort is my Alen. I know it’s constantly working to protect me from things in the air that could—in reality—kill me.”

A Challenge Becomes a Chance to Do More

Recently, Josh ran into a dilemma that led him to reach out to us here at Alen HQ. 

We take the development of our products very seriously because we know that they regularly impact real people’s lives. Josh’s situation was a perfect example. 

“At the end of this month, my wife (my main caregiver) needs to travel for work training,” Josh wrote us in an email. “I need a babysitter just in case, so I’m going to my Mom’s, and one of the first things that came to mind was the air in the room where I’m staying. I need another HEPA!”

Unable to work due to his weakened immune system, and with medical bills stacking up, Josh reached out to our customer support team about a cost-effective way to acquire a second purifier. 

We saw an opportunity to do more.

When Making a Difference is Part of the Mission

Amanda VanDyke, our Customer Support Manager, asked leadership about the maximum discount she could offer Josh. Andy Graham, Alen’s President, suggested sending Josh a brand new BreatheSmart FLEX. 

“By all means!” Graham said. “This is the heart of who we are.”

Josh recently received his new BreatheSmart FLEX and it’s one of a handful of things he brought along to his temporary home at his Mom’s place.

Alen HEPA air purifier helps Josh recover from Leukemia

“Always humming away 24/7, it’s really given me a sense of relief. I’m on prescriptions to try and prevent infections and my filter is scrubbing the air,” Josh wrote on his blog. “Honestly, if I was Oprah, my current ‘favorite things’ list would be…

  • Ensure Enlive (Chocolate)
  • Apple IPad Pro
  • Alen BreatheSmart Flex 

“Good companies make great products and care about the people they help,” Josh wrote. “I sent [Alen] an unsolicited email because I wanted them to understand that what they produce does change lives.”

“For some people (myself included), what’s in the air can actually be the difference between the freedom of living at home and being trapped in a hospital.”

“Even if you’ve never thought about a HEPA [purifier],” Josh wrote on his blog, “just look around the website and you’ll be amazed at what Alen can do.”

Here at Alen, we’re amazed by Josh’s strength and positivity through this epic battle. And we couldn't be prouder to be in his corner. 

For updates on Josh’s journey and to donate to his recovery fund, visit his blog



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